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Indonesia Premier League yet Guarantee

Football Indonesia has not shown a proud reputation pencintanya in the face of international competition. Bergulirnya professional league football since the mid 1990s has not given encouraging results. Complex problems continue to accompany the development from season to season, both problems inside and outside the field.

Recently emerged innovation on the administration of the Premier League Indonesia (Indonesian Premier League). 
Indonesia Premier League (IPL) was conceived as a contradictory response to the low quality of output Super Liga Indonesia (Indonesia Super League (ISL)).

Any findings should we give awards, including the idea of IPL. 
Perhaps this idea emerged as a form of concern, and empathy, from a number of individuals who claim to care about Indonesian football. Yes, all those who profess a love for the national football would in fact want the existence of a climate of competition and the development of good football, so as to encourage the achievement of national football in the arena of international competition. Although soccer is a sport, and sporting events will take three possible outcomes: win, series / draw, or lose, but ordinary people would be happier if kemenanganlah achieved. Even in the extreme, some people care less about appearance, processes, and ways to reach an achievement. Only a coveted goal is victory.

Should IPL scrolling? 
This question has a variety of answers. If we limit the discourse to the sports environment, without cargo arbitration diembel-politics and so on (which might be included in it), then should we call this idea as a progressive step towards the better football. The proposal to create a competition free from government subsidies (such as through the budget) to the clubs that competed are proposed which should be supported. Climate demanding professional football club to become a legal entity able to support themselves. Professional football, as we know it in the big leagues of the world, is the core of football clubs who have their own funding sources like the company.However, whether these are the problems faced by Indonesia through the Super League? Is not there another problem which is influence?

Nurdin Halid: Premier League Clubs Indonesian Participating Members Issued from PSSI

PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid said that it must enforce the rules if there are members who commit violations.

Nurdin said that in connection with the dynamics of football is happening ahead of the competition bergulirnya Indonesia Super League (ISL), especially with a rival plan competition that will be launched by the National Football Indonesian Reform Movement (GRSNI) who commandeered businessman Arifin Panigoro.

"Under the existing system, of course I would apply strict rules, if not, PSSI will be shot sanctions from FIFA and AFC. I've even got a call directly by AFC President Mohamed Bin Hamammm that anyone who violates the statutes then have the authority to impose PSSI punishment, "ungkapNurdin at his residence in Jakarta on Monday (9/20/2010).

As is known, on Friday last week, declaring the establishment of the Premier League GRSNI Indonesia (LPI). They even have claimed supported 15 clubs and will use the matches from abroad.

Related dynamics of Nurdin Halid rate, this condition is common.

"Maybe there are people who have high ambitions to serve in football but do not want included in the existing system. That's normal. What was unusual is that they are not familiar with the existing regulations. Personally, I appreciate if someone helps Indonesian football, but it should be within the existing system, "said Nurdin.

Nurdin explained, in accordance with existing statutes, none of the authorities to hold competitions in addition to the federation, unless the tournament. Thus, strictly, he said, that the LPI illegal. Likewise with the club or if there are players who join the LPI, he also promised to take action.

"If after we provide an explanation, they still violated, then we will act firmly to anyone involved, be it a board or club. For the club, if we need to remove it from the members of PSSI. I forgot how many chapters in the statute, but there are clearly told EXCO PSSI that authority to give sanction to harm and injure members of the Indonesian football. But to members affected by the punishment given the opportunity to defend himself in Congress, "said Nurdin.

Isl, premier league flavor Indonesia

Ambition and a target that is placed quite prestigious BLI. Organizers of competition in this country will be hoping ISL setanding and semenjual J-League Japan her or his K-League South.

Chimera is not pepesan empty. Apart from any controversy attached to the image of the previous years, competition in Indonesia has great potential for sale. "Please know, the League of Indonesia was signed on 8 of the best competition in Asia. Even at the level of Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the best league, "said BLI Director of Competitions, while Djoko Driyono ISL workshop last week.

Because of the high hope that the BLI to make new breakthroughs in the Indonesian League to her 14th. Starting from the packaging, rules, and overhauled the existing facilities. The concept basically made similar foundation Premier League which has proved successful at being the best league in the world.

ISL 2008 followed by the best 18 teams drawn from the order of one to nine in the Western and Eastern Liga Indonesia 2007. For the record, two contestants from the East Region and Persiter Ternate Persmin Minahasa crossed out because they do not qualify BLI. In lieu of BLI and appoint PSIS Semarang and PKT Bontang.

The format of the two regions are always used in the past three years into one region.Professional clubs participants ISL 2008 must compete in a full competition.

Consequently quite heavy. All teams must be ready to make the game away that could be thousands of kilometers away. The duration of the competition rotates 316 days or from 12 July 2008 to May 24, 2009. "So the only team that really professionals who can perform at ISL, 2008," explained Djoko.

Because the format of the region and full competition, any goals scored is very valuable.Goal difference will affect the rankings in the standings for teams that have the same value. Because the ISL is not known anymore 8-large round, semifinals and final. For the champion and runner-up, said Djoko, is guaranteed to represent Indonesia in the Asian Champions League.

Djoko media to acknowledge that ISL's first year it was not perfect. Some clubs still use a stadium outside its home base. Call it taking Persitara Bung Karno Stadium. "For a while BLI using the priority scale. For this year's target of all clubs must have legal status. And, long a target in 2012 all the contestants are professionals in the facilities, system organization, and financially, "said Djoko.

Some coaches look at the positive determination of BLI in creating new packaging for the Liga Indonesia. "We do not pessimistic first. This competition will be the basis for competition in the future. We could both see in the next five years. I hope that ISL will bring a new spirit for Indonesian football, "said Newcastle coach Aberdeen, Peter Butler.

Hopefully this BLI good programs can be smoothly until the end and not as usual which is always warm chicken droppings. Surged in the beginning, loosened in the middle.

The news immediately turning Indonesa Premier League

The news immediately turning Indonesa Premier League (IPL) as competition ISLparticipants who mentioned will be a participant IPL remains to show its commitment tocompetition PSSI.
Certainty is evident from the presence of representatives of 18 teams ISL during a meeting between team manager held at Sultan Hotel on Monday (20 / 9) night. The result is a relief, all expressed their commitment stays on the ISL.
PSSI did not want to compromise with penghiatanan action. Threats are removed frommembership plus complained to the AFC and FIFA to step to be taken Nurdin cs if theclub over to IPL. Nurdin special promise to the clubs loyal.
"We received feedback about their desire to get the club division of PT LI quota profitsas the manager of the competition. PSSI will arrange it, "said Nurdin.
The rumors surrounding the team's participation in IPL-ISL team also began eroded theclub representatives. Extreme measures actually taken PSM. They claim to follow ISLand IPL simultaneously, as a means of comparison. "The offer put forward interestingIPL managers. We even have filed for help RP 5 billion, "said Ilham Sirajuddin,Chairman of the PSM.
Ilham assess PSSI does not have the capacity to forbid it. "The most importantobligations of the club still running," he said.
Comments pitched together leveled Sihar Sitorus, Main Division club owner, Pro Titan."Like the grocer sued PSSI increases pelayanannta. No need to ban other peopleselling. If PSSI provides the best competition they will not be left to the customer, "saidSihar.
IPL managers do not give up with the situation. They persisted even held a competitionmatch does not include clubs ISL. Arifin Panigoro successful team designated tomanage the IPL is currently verifying the number of clubs like the Main DivisionPersitara, PSMS and Bali FC.

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